Two Book Reflections

About nature and its Artist

La Crosse sketchbook #1

At an urban orientation to Chicago in the 80s, the guide said something I still remember. “In a city, everything you see was put there for a purpose.”

The world we live in is largely shaped by human activity. Bridges cross rivers, which are regulated by locks, and impacted by runoff from streets and farms. Streets and roads follow old trails which follow natural contours.

I’ve started a La Crosse journal, to help learn this new home. Everything from the bluffs to the Mississippi River, the plants and birds who live here and historic buildings that tell our history are all in view.

I was intrigued by the stained glass window at the West end of the first Presbyterian church. The main figure is Christ, not on the cross or ascending, but apparently directing the action below.

Stained glass and watercolor are dependent on light and transparency, so the one is suitable to represent the other.

One of the subjects to explore are the churches of the city. This is the first.


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