Two Book Reflections

About nature and its Artist

Two Book Icons

The two books are Nature and the written Word. I have come to see that not only are they two voices, but they help to interpret each other.

If I wrote, “She threw a baseball.” or “He drove a chariot.” The reader would have to know or find a way to discover the meaning of “baseball” and “chariot.”

The scriptures begin in Genesis with things like light and darkness, evening and morning, sun and moon. The definitions of those things are known to us because we live in the world.

A Christian will be informed by the scriptures, and their reading of the scriptures will be informed by the world. People with other ways of looking at the world, or of believing, might come away with different reflections.

For example, the cycle of life and death. Is that hopeful, like the Disney musical suggests? Is that a heavy burden as the writer of Ecclesiastes implies?

I have made logos to help identify which posts are book centered and which are nature centered.

A to Z represents the written word. Every topic resides somewhere between A and Z. The tree suggests nature, whether you think of the tree in your yard, or the Tree of Life, an idea in the Scriptures and in international Wisdom literature, both ancient and modern.


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